Colposcopy is a test that studies the vulva, vagina and cervix through the device called a colposcope (a device similar to the microscope, allowing visualization with an increase of 10 to 40x).

Being the principal exam for diagnosis and treatment of HPV-induced lesions, it is indicated in cases of altered results in cytology (preventive), identifying precursor lesions of cervical cancer and guiding the biopsy of suspicious sites.

The examination lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. The patient should be out of the menstrual period, refrain from sex and not use vaginal cream for 48 hours before the procedure. Usually painless, the patient may experience mild discomfort during the exam and present a little bleeding after.

During the examination the vaginal speculum is inserted and various liquids (serum, acetic acid and lugol) that highlight the suspicious lesions, are applied to the cervix. It is important to inform the doctor before the procedure if you are allergic to iodine.